where to get plain black kilt?

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overjoyed Posts: 60
does anyone know where to get a plain black kilt?
Little Boots Posts: 301
Isnt that just a skirt? :o0
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
hi ya you can get a black kilt for hire in debenhams... i was looking at it for my H2b but we decided not go with the kilts in the end im nearly sure that black tie do them also
overjoyed Posts: 60
may bride: which debenhams where you looking in? checked the website but couldnt find any there. only ones i found was kids ones for back to school. tried blacktie but they dont. thanks for your help.x
mrsmaybride2010 Posts: 843
hi overjoyed i was in the debenhams in henry street and they had a brochure of suits and different kilts... they defo hads the black kilt in it... i remember seeing swatches of the material for the kilts too... i will see if i still have the brochure edited to say i just googled black kilts and theres a place in swords and in bray thats has them their website is www.swordsformalwear.com and www.fitzgeraldsformalhire.ie
overjoyed Posts: 60
wow thats a million. youve been very helpful. bless ya x