where to get umbrellas?

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turkish Posts: 83
does anyone know where to get ivory umbrellas for wedding??looked online and some ok ones but then they charge a lot for postage etc. so looking for high street/cheap enough ivory ones??????
handtwins Posts: 866
John Lewis always have fab umbrellas esp coming up to the racing season
wifeyttc Posts: 2507
i like this one very detailed though! O:o) ... 4a9e461347
turkish Posts: 83
ya that one is nice but i should have been more specific-i meant umbrellas for rain!!!
joker Posts: 2789
all good i posted in another post, it you go into a chemist , there is a suppliers called sunderelle and they supply clear umbrellas for about 8 euro and they come right over your head, you also can get them in a different trim around the bottom to match our colour scheme... they are about 8 euro.. i prefer the clear ones myself!!(i've got 4!!)
sukisue2005 Posts: 17
I got clear umbrellas in Penney's with an ivory rim just before xmas. They're not very fancy but would do the job.
TweetMul Posts: 495
Hiya, I was down in Newbridge Silverware factory outlet in Newbridge yesterday and they had these fab ivory umbrellas with little sparkles on them, very very cute and weather proof too and all for €20.00. I checked their site but no pic of them for you to have a preview! If your near to there or can arrange to pop down defo worth it. Also they had cufflinks on special too reduced to €20.00
MinnietheMinx Posts: 2396
Not sure if the price but Costello and Costello usually have pretty umbrellas in stock. You could try them
Gembira Posts: 847
I got mine on ebay. 6 large ivory golf umbrellas for £42 including postage. I've just tried looking for them on ebay now and I can't find them again. I'm sure there'll be something on there somewhere though! xxx
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Debenhams always have them about 30 euro I think. Or I'm considering maybe getting nice colourd-ey ones in Avoca that I will be more likely to use again than white or ivory ones. If I could get one with BM dress colour in the patter it'd be nice. Must look.