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Picnic Posts: 921
Anybody any idea where to get a really nice wedding outfit for a winter wedding? Thanks. :thnk
mad woman Posts: 22106
survivor Posts: 2507
Phase Eight in Bt have a few lovely things at the mo. Got myself a stunning number there recently. There's always the old reliable Coast, also BT. Other than that you'll find nice things in Karen Millen.
Picnic Posts: 921
Thanks girls, I'll give them a try. Although I don't have the figure for Karen Millen's clothes :weep Any other ideas?
survivor Posts: 2507
Oasis have some really lovely dresses at the mo which are so nice you could only wear them to a wedding and they are not for the skinny twiggy types. TBH they wouldn't have the assets to hold them up. You do run the risk of meeting someone else in the dress though (same could be said for all the other suggestions).
kellyc Posts: 1300
ya defo Oasis i love there dresses and there not that expensive
MarieB Posts: 556
Picnic, I'm in the same boat - have a winter wedding but don't know where to start looking. I have a couple of lovely dresses that I got in Debenhams earlier in the year, but they are kind of floaty, so only sandals would look right with them (one is green/gold and the other is pinky/purple). So, is the only option a black number?? I'm really looking forward to the wedding, but I'm already stressed about what to wear. Thinking of popping down to Cork tomorrow to have a look in Mahon Point & the city centre.