Where to hire Red Carpet for Church

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MrsOConnor2b Posts: 268
I'm getting married in Co Limerick and just wondering does anyone know where I would be able to hire a rec carpet for the Church and roughly how much would it cost? Thanx :thnk
allsortsembroidery Posts: 107
Hello MrsOConnor2be, Check these out http://www.connollysredcarpet.com/ There is alos another Irish company called stepstohappiness, Best of luck on your big day, :)
14082010 Posts: 2103
I have hired ours from redcarpethire He is a supplier on here! Michael Sheerin is his name. :wv
MrsOConnor2b Posts: 268
Do you mind me asking how much you paid?
14082010 Posts: 2103
No prob at all, he is charging us €165 in Meath :wv
MrsOConnor2b Posts: 268
Thanx for that O-O