where to live in cork?

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sugarandspice Posts: 2378
Hey guys, Have to move to cork for a year for work. Want to live somewhere nice near work (wilton / bishopstown) but not in an area surrounded by students (Cork university also near). So does anyone know the area and what do they think of these places: Cardinal Court, Wilton Sarsfield Road, Wilton The Cornfields, Wilton Woodhaven, Bishopstown Garran Darra, Wilton Bridgefield Grove, Bishopstown The Headlands, Wilton White Oaks, Wilton GOing down next wk house hunting so looking to narrow down my search!
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
To be honest students are everywhere but more likely just around the university. A lot of medical/dental students live in Wilton as close to CUH. Cardinal court - don't like it Sarsfield Rd - has a lot of old estates on it Cornfields - big apartment block. Look pretty nice but already starting to wear a bit Woodhaven - newer estate Garrane Darra - look lovely but apparently a bit cramped Bridgefield grove - dont know it Headlands - used to live in one - pretty good noise wise but be careful which one you get as when I lived there about half of them were subsiding and needed huge poles to support them to be sunk into ground White Oaks - estate to my knowledge, is full of kids I live in the area so let me know if I can help at all.
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
That's really helpful ditzy O:o) , thanks a mill. Gonna go down next wk to have a look. Will prob go for an apartment. Will only be there monday to friday so dont want to be worrying about upkeep of house with garden etc. Will be working in CUH and some ppl had mentioned garrane darra to me, and it would be convenient too. Will check it out anyway. Thank you so much O-O
BigBird1 Posts: 1727
Garrane Darra/ Eagle Valley are great location wise for CUH, but as the OP said, it does get quite cramped. I lived there for over three yrs (in Eagle Valley) and it's a nice estate to live in - quiet and safe etc.
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
Forgot to say I lived in Eagle Valley as well and it's nice. The whole estate is largely rented out and a huge proportion of the renters are CUH staff. You will always be able to find a room to live in there. If you want a whole place to yourself, Garrane Darra (within the same estate) may be better. If going for Eagle Valley, the end of terraces are nicer than the mids - can hear a lot between the mid terraces.
overthemoon! Posts: 1479
Eagle valley is a lovely quiet, safe place to live. so close to everything-Wilton shopping centre, bus routes, CUH, Togher, Lidl etc.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
i'm not familiar with the actual estates you have mentioned but I do know that whole area is very student/ rented accommodation but if you are only going to be staying for the year then what the harm.... :lvs
peachesbride Posts: 110
I second the stay away from the Headlands. We lived there for a year in a ground floor apt, totally horrendous mould and cracks in the walls!! What about some of the older estates on the Bishopstown side, Uam Var Ave and Melbourne?? A lot of the Wilton side by Sarsfield Roundabout are student orientated.
Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
I too lived in Eagle Valley & liked it. The traffic down the hill used to be horrendous in the morning though! Maybe it's changed since 2002 when I lived there though. More recently I lived in DĂșnvale & then Curragh Woods, both in Frankfield- have to say I much preferred that area. Might be another option if you don't like Wilton & still very close :wv
little miss giggles Posts: 672
Hi ya I live in a one bed apt outside the city in a tiny village called halfway(ya, that's a real name!!) - but it's perfect!! It's only ten min drive to wilton - I shop there,eat and drink there and go to gym there. Yet get to come home to the peace and quiet of the countryside. Best of both worlds.Will be very sad to have to rent it out when I get married this year. But will be living with my husband then - oh that's so exciting!!