Where to sell a wedding dress

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aodonne2 Posts: 29
Hi girls, Does anyone know of a place that buys wedding dresses to sell on, as opposed to places that will advertise it for you like www.sellmydress.ie? I bought a sample dress thinking I'd fallen in love and I really wish I had slept on it. It's too small and I'm not going to stave to fit into it - nothing is worth that! I need to sell it before I can buy a new one and understandably the shop won't take it back because it was a sample. Hoping someone might know something that I don't! Thanks!
CasualBride Posts: 574
Hi aodonne2, I bought my dress from Memories in Cork (they're in Dublin too) and they do what you said; advertise it for sale for you (well, not advertise it specifically, but they sell second hand as well as sample, so it would be there in their shop for any brides looking) but I don't know of any place that would outright buy the dress from you - that'd be too handy wouldn't it!! :)
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Memories Bridal or Buy & Sell Forums, WOL has one for example. Or Adverts.ie / Done Deal etc.
marry458 Posts: 4
Sell wedding dresses online is a good way. :thnk
aodonne2 Posts: 29
Thanks girls x