where to start with wedding dresses????

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exhasted Posts: 335
has any got any names of good designers?? im looking at shops online and im so confused wit all the names!! want to know some names before i go shopping!! xx Thanks :thnk
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
my dress is a Maggie Sottero, Theres loads of names out there, La Sposa, etc. Just see what you like. Happy shopping :wv
if you dont want to waste your time...(like I did in a load of shops!!) then go to de staffords in dublin and ask for rachel...she knows what she is talking about and she is straight talking...i know some people would prob be offended by that...but it was exactly what I was looking for!!
mrs.ebayqueen Posts: 2483
alfred angelo is another designer, he puts a bit of colour in the dress and then you can match your bridesmaids to yours, if you like. have a google search on images so you can see what you like, then go to someone who sees what will suit you and in between is a compromise and your perfect dress the best of luck :wv :wv
ms organised Posts: 1069
Hi there I didn't have a clue when I went looking for a dress and didn't have any designer in mind at all, I was completely open minded. When I tried on my dress I just knew it was the one! The designer hadn't even crossed my mind and I didn't even ask who the designer was until I went back to try my dress a second time!! You'll know the dress thats right for you when you see it. Sorry, probably not much help. :-8
sona sasta Posts: 585
Modern, contemporary dresses - Jenny Packham, Sharon Hoey More traditional - Maggie Sottero, Ronald Joyce Lace dresses - Pronovias, La Sposa, San Patrick, Rosa Clara and there's loads more! Once you look round the shops, you'll start seeing there's only a couple of styles out there really. I 2nd deStaffords for lovely dresses!
Krystle Carrington Posts: 8
I also would recc De Staffords or Colm in Town Bride in Powerscourt. Rather than focus on a designer they will tell you what shape works for your shape IYKWIM and that will save you a load of time. Enjoy!!!!
jack sprat Posts: 204
hello there , firstly where are you living ? i would go onto www.bestbridalprices.com to look at dresses, most of them are online there, except san patrick and la spousa. dont worry, you'll soon get into it!