Hi All, Am currently living in Australia and trying to plan for a wedding next year, is hard when can't see the places ! However my parents are legends and are willing to view places etc. So I've a list that all sound good to me regarding venues in Cork/Kerry: Barnabrow House Ballintaggart House (Dingle) (has anyone been there?! It seems new for weddings so I've not seen feedback but looks lovely) Blairscove Now - I'm trying to keep the wedding reasonably casual - like I don't want a big fuss, and the numbers I am trying to keep down, but will still prob be around the 90 mark, so we can fit into Ballintaggart house if I'm ruthless (they hold 70). I just want to enjoy a day with friends/family and not be petrified of having to do speeches / being announced when we arrive etc. Has anyone any opinions on which they'd go for - the Dingle one obviously I 'd have to get married in Dingle also the same with Durras (Blairscove) but I am not against that. Any thoughts much appreciated, cem2