Wheres the best place in Dublin to hire the Mens Suits?

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hairdye Posts: 1129
Ladies, Due to the fact that Im from Bally-go-backwards in the Middle of Nowhere we have decided to try to hire the Mens suits from somewhere in Dublin. Looking for a decent place with good quailty suits, definitely dont want to go to Blacktie as we found the staff very unhelpful! Any recommendations please? Thanks
AggyTated Posts: 68
H2B and his BM are getting them from Moreland at Northern Cross. Very helpful staff and the suits were better quality than Black Tie I felt. Hope that helps!
mrsmayflower Posts: 227
We have been recommended to go to a rental shop in Templebar near the Foggy Dew - sorry don't know the name of it but someone else on here might be able to tell you!
secretbride2011 Posts: 72
The one in Templebar is called Tangos h2b has rented off them a few times and has only good things to say. hth O-O
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
We're looking at either Moss Bro's in Dundrum (they are downstairs in HOuse of Fraiser) or Burtons. Wouldnt go near Blacktie
macsmissus Posts: 928
We've been recommended Aston Formal www.astonformal.com they're on Aston Place in Temple Bar.
jdcross Posts: 8
Hi It maybe be better value if you buy a suit - you can get some deals on some very nice suits that you can get future use out of them. Has anyone else done this ? James
midnightqueen Posts: 582
where abouts are you situated but your actually better to go up the north for your suits to Rent or buy. We are getting ours in Louis Boyds in Newry and its far cheaper than any where else we priced down south.
June09SoExcited Posts: 598
[quote="mrsmcg2b":2ddokz3y]We've been recommended Aston Formal www.astonformal.com they're on Aston Place in Temple Bar.[/quote:2ddokz3y] I'd second Astons. DH got the GM suits from there and they were fab. Do last minute alterations on pick-up so everything is perfect on the day. We picked up suits on Wednesday for Saturday wedding and they weren't due back until Tuesday so had peace of mind in the days before the wedding and wasn't panicing to get them back afterwards.
Flowerangel Posts: 320
I got married in September and we got the Suits from CT2 in Blanchardstown village, I have to say the service was amazing, Herbie and his wife run the shop and are around years and really know their stuff, the suits looked great on the lads and they were great quality also.. http://www.ct2.ie/ Good luck with your decision :wv