which and how do you cook your veggies??

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fantazmic Posts: 545
this may seem really strange but neither myself or my dh ever ate veg as kids and now i'm really struggling to cook them and make them appealing for both of us as well as our children. i honestly don't really know how they should taste and i think i'm steaming them to death. (especially broccoli!!) to be honest my dd is refusing to eat them( i swear its genetic)at the mo and i have to hide them in sauces , cover in beans etc but really i don't want her to face this situation in the future. so i've startes a star chart for eating fruit and vegetables and she will get a reward at the end of it. so i'm just wondering what veggies i should use and how could i make them more tempting for all of us . :thnk
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
hi there, I am 30 now and up till about 3 years ago all I ever ate in the veg department was peas or beans!!! I'm now eating veg and salad EVERYDAY more than meat or potatoes!!! I think if you cook them too much they taste horrible so the less you cook the better they taste!! I love broccali & beef stir fry, you can use peppers, onions, sugar snaps, sweetcorn, carrot & of course broccali & use a little oyster sauce..... yummy!! Also I think roast veg is devine. Chop up your root veg like turnip, carrots, parsnips & sweet potatoe, drizzle with a little oil & roast in oven for about an hr.... simple and easy!!! Hope this helps infuse a bit of excitment!! O-O
mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
I always as a child loved mashed carrott and turnip, boil and mash with a tiny bit of butter salt corn on the cob you can get the holder for it so its easy to eat and kids usually find it fun to eat - when we have nieces and nephews round they end up racing eachother who can get it cleared of corn first >!??! raosted veggies are really nice and tasty - mushrooms,onions, peppers, courgettes drizzle with oil salt & pepper take about 35-45 mins or as another poster mentioned the root veggies roasted are lovely. stirfried veg are really good too and quick - another nice thing is cous cous mixed wtih oven roasted veg, fresh herbs make the cous cous with stock and just stir in the veg & herbs I also put in feta, dried apricots and pine nuts :wv
nickie Posts: 157
Roasting and Stirfrying are great ways. I find with carrots that they are tastier if put in cold water with half a vegetable stock cube or a spoon of sugar and boiled. It just gives them a nicer flavour and quick and easy for with spuds and meat dinner. I have also found steaming green beans (from lidl or aldi the frozen ones) very handy to do, economical and always have them in the freezer. HTH :wv
HighMaintenance26 Posts: 2303
I always steam my veg, iots normally broccolli, cauliflower and carrots, but witht he brocolli and cauliflower after they're ready i put them in a dish with cheese sauce and stir it all up, yummy
nutty_bride Posts: 70
Agree that the roasted veg are lovely....Another idea is to brush on a little bit of honey to roughly chopped carrots and parsnips and then roast...delicious! Roasted peppers are also lovely as part of chicken fajitas or similar. We steam a lot of veg, if you are doing green veg like broccoli, fine beans etc a little bit of garlic butter melting over them gives them a lovely flavour, not too sure how this would go down with the kids! Mashed cauliflower and melted cheese should go down well with kids, or peas and sweetcorn together is a nice combo....Or sprinkle a bit of cheese and a pinch of salt over some halved cherry tomatoes and bake in the oven for about 10 minutes....gorgeous! I love ratatouille as well its always really flavoursome but have no idea how to make it!
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I used to always boil them, but I got a special microwave jug/bowl for cooking veg and tatties in for Christmas. Basically they steam the veggies. It is much healthier. You should find it if you look on tupperware websites. It is quite expensive though, but worth it. They are not as nice or as nutritious when boiled. The only one I boil is sprouts, as they are not nice microwaved I find.
JellySnakes Posts: 2201
I dont eat veg but i just steam or boil every veg,dunno what it is supposed to taste like or feel like when cooked but kids eat them so thats all that matters :o0 :o0
fantazmic Posts: 545
thanks for suggestions. i have been really trying the last few years, trying to ose weight so can't really cover in cheese , butter etc( although sounds delicious) but suppose could do it for the kiddies. my liitle fellow will eat anything but i'm afraid he'll follow his sister and start picking things out once they're not blended. when he's a little bigger might try giving him par boiled carrot sticks. when i steam my broccoli it just ends up so soggy :o( also, do you eats the stalks or just pull off the little florets?