Which Brand Bottles are you buying ???

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StylishB Posts: 143
Hi mummies to be, Just wondering which brand bottles are you buying ? I used Dr, Browns on DD and found them great, bit fiddly to clean though.... i seen Tommee Tippee have new Antic Colic ones out with tube down the middle - what are you all using ???? Am going to start using Anti Colic ones from the outset :wv
Sibs Posts: 128
I would also like to hear from other Mammies. How to you know which bottle is the "best bottle". You hear so many stories, good and bad from other mams but doesnt mean their brand would suit your baby. And as for Anti-colic .....surely this is just a marketing tool pushed by the Brand leaders. Is a bottle not a bottle? What about the good old days when we were rared. No such thing as anti-colic bottles back then. :wv
GoldStar Posts: 775
I'm using a combination of Tommee Tippee and Avent, and she's taking to them both no bother! She's doesn't have a lot of wind though, and DS was the same so have never used the anti colic ones. The reason I got both is because I was afraid one wouldn't suit and they're expensive enough without being stuck with a load that are no good to you!
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
i've bought the dr browns ones with the thing in the middle hoping babs will take to them..
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Got Tommy Tippee - got them (4 large, 4 small) as part of a set including steam steriliser, bottle warmer etc. They were a good deal on Babies'R'Us for 59.99 sterling. I got them because a friend had them and was happy with them and found them good for combining with BF'ing. They're not the anti-colic ones. I'll get them if I need them.
mrspiggy Posts: 1289
Friend of mine gave me her nuk bottles as aptamil bottles in hospital have nuk teets. Advise we were given was not to buy full set of one brand over another incase baby doesn't take to them.
Perci Posts: 3847
I've used Avent, Dr Brown's, Mam & Nuk bottles. Nuk are definitely my favourite.
Daff Posts: 11644
I spent a fortune on TT ones last time for DD as they were 'closer to nature'. Then her first EBM bottle was a disaster as she couldn't drink from them O:| got Dr B's and never looked back. Thankfully we did get to use the TT later on when she was older and that's what she uses now. I still have 3 that weren't used and will use on this LO but also bought new teat for the Dr B's and will use them for LO early on and move to TT later hopefully. Wasn't spending a fortune on new bottles again til I know LO will take them. OP that asked about the colic bottles, yes there is a difference. Have a look at the Dr B's website, great diagram to show how it works. |Basically you know how usually babies would suck for ages and then take a break and you'd hear all the air going back in the bottle? this doesn't happen as the tube in the middle is connected to air vents in the rim of the bottle allowing air to flow in and stops baby sucking air in and taking big breathes while feeding.
BabyDreams Posts: 211
I'm planning on getting the Dr Brown ones too (am gonna try b'feed myself first too). My niece had terrible colic and was fed using avent bottles.. She was a windy baby though but I thought I'd rather prevent than the little thing being in pain. I think when we were young, gripe water was given in doses but as we can't get that here I'm def gonna give the Dr B ones a try.
SparkleX Posts: 1057
The midwife at our antenatal class said the best bottles to use are the old-fashioned long narrow ones! No idea where you would get them. Said the expensive anti colic bottles are just a marketing ploy. But I guess it depends on the baby and what suits him/her. She recommended only to buy 2 bottles at the beginning and see how you get on. I had planned on getting the Dr Brownes but not so sure anymore. Think I'll look for the standard bottles as she recommended & see how that goes