Which cake filling - pls help me choose?

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Greece Posts: 1800
OK - under pressure have to tell her today what I want!! Cant decide, tastes all - all lovely! 3 tiers: Bottom tier sorted - getting the toffee sponge (sounds rank but its delicious) Middle tier??? Top tier??? Choices: Carrot cake Choc Buscuit Chocolate sponge Maderia - any flavour maderia - with just cream and jam There is an option for fruit but since we hate it we are not having that!
bubblyblonde Posts: 1353
I :lvs choc biscuit so that would be a definite for me :-8
bride1975 Posts: 214
at least on choc biscuit i suggest, everyone loves it!
Mrs JT Posts: 256
definitely choc biscuit and carrot cake for me......
MrsMOnAMission Posts: 376
definitely choc biscuit and carrot cake for me too YUM....
iseult Posts: 82
Definitely choc biscuit as well, and what about lemon madeira for the top tier. That's what we had and it was very popular.
Greece Posts: 1800
Thanks for all the replies. hmmm....what about choc bus in middle then and top small tier of chocolate sponge or maderia with jam and cream? Whats the prefernce there?
Kazza08 Posts: 219
Def choc biscuit for 1, it's a huge crowd pleaser, and the lemon madeira sounds yummy
lou83 Posts: 332
We're having: Chocolate Biscuit cake for bottom tier, Chocolate Fudge cake for middle (yum yum) then the obligatory fruit cake as top i.e. smallest layer (h2b's family love fruit cake - mine hate it).
scoobywrx Posts: 137
mmmmmm choc biscuit and choc sponge - cant go wrong with choc :o)ll