Which Colour BM, help me choose

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Sep Bride Posts: 27
Please help me choose I keep changing my mind, its like being a kid in a sweetshop Dont mind the dresses just the colours. Im thinking of getting them made. Dont know what this is just call it pale pink/purple [img:2i66xgb8][/img:2i66xgb8] Taffeta Lilac/purple [img:2i66xgb8][/img:2i66xgb8] Taffeta purple [img:2i66xgb8][/img:2i66xgb8] I am gearing more towards the lilac one because guinneys have the most fab suits with waistcoats and crevets in lilac for pageboys and it wouldnt be too hard to get a lilac ribbon and pull it through a FG dress. On other hand if getting them made I could always ask dressmaker to run up a few ties or crevets for the kids and get them plain white waistcoats like the GM are all wearing.
JustBecause Posts: 3242
I prefer the lilac as a colour. Who about your bridesmaids what would suit them best? Maybe get them to go fabric shopping with you? What colour flowers would you go for with the lilac?
Sep Bride Posts: 27
I would have the white roses and florist said she could put purple pins in it and just a few white and a mix of freschia and others for bm'S