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Yvonne2801 Posts: 20
well it feels like one of those questions for me!! Ive never been married before (funnily enough!!) and its all feeling a bit overwhelming for me at the moment to be honest. We've been engaged for a year and a half without doing anything and we've decided its time to stop fuffarsing around and start planning. My god there is a hell of a lot to do for one day, but i know i know its gonna be all worth it!! Ok well here's my question for today (ive asked about a million already over the past few weeks). What do we book first? The hotel or the church? We have found a really nice venue that we both have fallen in love with and I would book it today if I could but i dont know wheter we should rush in to it. There is a nice church we like but its not in our parish and we havent even spoken to the priest yet. Should we hold off booking venue until we get the church sorted?
Barbalou Posts: 1617
why don't you provisionally book the venue and then go talk to the priest, I think most priests have the cop on to know that couples book the venues first or at least provisionally.
pet chalupa Posts: 197
Yeah i agree, provisionally book hotel and then see priest. After all the hotel is the most important!!! >:o) >:o)
satinslippers Posts: 72
Have a good look around for venues. This took us ages. See which dates are available and then get the church booked. Best of luck. You will find this website a great help :wv
BigBird09 Posts: 349
The problem with booking some hotels is that they insist on you having a confirmed church booking before they'll take the booking. I think you have to nail the church first and then the venue. Grainne
smurph30 Posts: 72
We booked the Church first and I thought it was a mistake as when I went to checking venues the date was already booked in some of them and I didnt feel that we were in a position to go back to the priest with a different date as he had filled in all our paperwork. Provisionally book your venue, most will hold the date for you for two weeks before putting down a deposit, which give you the chance then to check the date with the Priest. It all worked out fine anyway, we're more than happy with our venue but I would def recommend booking your date with them first.
Yvonne2801 Posts: 20
thank you all, you are all truly fabulous ladies!! : )