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HopelessRomantic Posts: 56
Hi wollies, im thinking of changing the day i get married from a Saturday to a Thursday in the summer, but im still on the fence about it. Just wondering if anyone has some opinions on which you think is better as a bride and as a guest to go with. Thanks a mill
MrsBC2b Posts: 205
There are some savings to be made by having it on a Thursday as suppliers might be more available on a weekday and more willing to do a deal. As a guest it would mean taking 2 days off work more than likely. I wouldn't mind this if it is early in the year when I have lots of leave left to take from work. We went for a Saturday ourselves as we are getting married at the end of the year when people wouldn't have any annual leave left. As we are not of getting married at the height of the wedding season it means that we have got some good discounts aswell.
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
we've gone for a friday, mainly cos its closest to the date we want. yes people will have to take a day off work, i'll be giving plenty of notice, sure most people know the date already. thursday weddings don't bother me, i've no problem taking days off work for them, i get 20 days (1 of which i have to use for Christmas day even though we don't operate that day O:| ) so i'm usually left with 4 random days, so it suits me to have a wedding to use them for!!
skip Posts: 87
Our wedding is on a Thursday. It was a special date for us so the fact that it landed on a Thursday didnt really bother us. The last few weddings we have been too have been on weekdays. If people have plenty of notice, I dont think it would be a problem. Def more deals to be had with weekdays too. >:o) HTH :wv
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
My sister had hers on a Thursday, we had a Friday and my brother had a Saturday. All the same guests made each wedding. If they are good friends and family they will be there it doesn't matter which day you have it on. :thnk
excitedjuly12 Posts: 1722
Our wedding is a Friday, simply because there were no Saturday dates available in Summer 2012 in our hotel
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
personally, as a guest i wouldn't make it on a Thurs unless it was a really close friend/family member. its an awful pain having to take 2 days off work. Friday is ok as its only one day annual leave
girly11 Posts: 75
We are having ours on a sunday but it is a bank holiday wkend so we are hoping everyone will make it! had planned it to be the saturday but it was already taken in the church!