Which dress?? Opinions needed please!

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July13 Posts: 21
Ok ladies, I need some totaly honest opinions about these dresses. One : Pronovias Fiona Two: Maggie Sottero Geneva Three: Maggie Sottero Karena Royale They are al so different so im finding it reay hard to decide! The ony decision I have made is that I will be wearing a long veil which works well with either dress! I want a bit of a statement dress, something a bit different!
fizzgig Posts: 501
I like the one shoulder one the best.. but honestly its impossible to say without seeing the dresses on you. Have you tried them on ? which suited your shape better..
anya Posts: 187
Its hard to pick without knowing you and your body shape and most importantly how they looked on you, but just going from the pictures on the models I prefer number 1
skybusgirl Posts: 518
I tried on the two shoulder version the pronovias fiona and it was fab..real old hollywood. But I have curves and its not a dress for skinny minnies. They are 3 completely different dresses, it would all depend on your personality and body type.
July13 Posts: 21
They actually all suit me realy well! They all go in at the waist wich is the best shape for me. Im not exactly a size 8 (bit more curvy then that im afraid) but I was very suprised at how well the fiona suited me, its actually very forgiving! Geneva and Karena Royale are both corset backs so they pulled me in where needed! Im about 5ft 7 so height not an issue either
FOSTER Posts: 27
Maggie Soreto all the way
MissBid Posts: 587
Fiona is my dress in 25 days time - so I'm biased. I'm about 5-5 and a size 10(ish) and the Fiona looked really well on me. The model in the pic is about 10 feet tall so its very hard to tell. Fiona looks good on someone a bit chubbier than her though (which is everyone). What makes Fiona different to the others is that theres no fullness in the skirt which would make it lighter and easier to manoeuvre.. I didn't like the dresses with weight around the feet..
chriscath28 Posts: 82
The fiona one was one i had on my list too, just from looking at pics in magazines, so i'd go with that one as well! I'm a bit biased tho cos other ones have lace by the look o fthe pics and i'm not a lace fan...
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
I love number 2 though all are lovely.
the bees knees Posts: 755
oooooh tough decision..... I think i love all of them........ :heartbeat: But if you were to push me and I mean really push me, Id probably go for no 1 cause it is so far removed from any thing I could ever possibly wear ( I wouldnt even come close to having a figure like that.....) :heartbeat: