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paperclips Posts: 3146
Thanks a mill to everyone who posted their opinions, really appreciate it. Decisions Decisions! Removed pics so H2B wouldnt see them!
Genegirl Posts: 2110
OMG The first dress is amazing!
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
WOW, I love the Justin Alexander one!! So stylish, and perfect for NYC!! I like the other, but I've seen a few like it, the other is so different, stunning!! :o)ll
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I think the first one-the pronovias silky looking one-is AMAZING. Really elegant and sexy and any man would prefer it to number 2 i think!
luckyladee Posts: 2550
Personally, i prefer the Justin Alexander one - but happyfamily does make a good point about a man being bowled over by the pronovias one..... tough choice. Think id go with Justin :)
dream2012 Posts: 83
I love the Justin Alexander! When are you getting married? The Justin Alexander is probably more winter-y...
Sprocket Posts: 1671
I think they're both amazing. Really beautiful. I think I would make my decision based on what time of year you are getting married. If it's summer I would personally go for the Pronovias but the Justin Alexander one for any other time of the year.
missh2011 Posts: 104
Both are stunning!!! Loooove the first one though!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I think the 2nd dress is fab! Very different and for me very NYC-chic!!
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
The first one is absolutely gorgeous, very "old Hollywood glamour".