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CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
Girls, I'm stuck between two dresses!!!! Plus i just spent the last ten minutes trying to post a picture and can't get it right agh!!! The two dresses are Blue Enzoani dress Bria, or Romantica of Devon, dress montana!!! I'm so confused cause they are very different from each other, its doing my head in, and it doesn't help that I'm so indecisive when it comes to things like this :eek if ye get a chance have a look and tell me what ye think :thnk [/url]
enchanted-bride Posts: 146
[img:18dt0d4f]http://www.bestbridalprices.com/blue-by-enzoani-bridal-gown-bria-p-31523.html[/img:18dt0d4f] [img:18dt0d4f]http://www.romanticaofdevon.co.uk/galleryemail.php?image=montanaMS.jpg[/img:18dt0d4f] Are these them? If so I'd go for the Halterneck if I was a size 12 or less. The other for any size and for something more romantic. Just my opinion ... It really needs to be which one is really you ... or the inner you. :wv
Shorti3 Posts: 404
I think the first one is beautiful, the attention to detail is fab :wv
coolcat Posts: 118
both are beautiful but think i prefer the 2nd
Mrs Unichick Posts: 1004
Number 1 for me.
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
both are lovely dresses, go with the one you would feel just magic in O:o)
CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
Thanks girls!! I'm trying them both on this weekend again so hopefully one will really stand out for me, I did get a bit more emotional in the second one really felt like a princess, but the first one is just that bit different, and I love the halter on it, never thought it would be this hard :ooh
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
[img:27k5ng08]http://www.bestbridalprices.com/images/magicthumbs/enzoani/2009/large/Bria_353.jpg[/img:27k5ng08] [img:27k5ng08]http://www.romanticaofdevon.co.uk/images/montanaMS.jpg[/img:27k5ng08] the halter one is gorgeous !!
HoneyBunz Posts: 197
Both lovely but think the first is fabulous!
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
The first one is fabulous. Love it :lvs