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Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
I'm with VHI, i find them brilliant, I am on plan:first family plan plus level 2. I think its about €900 a year but I get loads back €35 each time I go to the Dr & dentist.(14 visits allowed between the two) €75 back when I go to Consultant.€35 off alternative treatment (7 visit) etc etc.
Peety Posts: 1588
Looks like I'm one of a few that doesn't have health insurance :-8 I never really attend the doctor, once or twice a year maybe (touching anything that is wood around me now :o0 ) so have never thought it would be worth it for me.
wab0607 Posts: 213
We are with VHI and have been since we were born, on parents policies first and now on a family plan plus policy with DS and another on the way. They are very good when it comes to claims and there is next to no difficulties there and we would never be without health insurance. Saying that only recently I started looking at other insurers and have found that VHI are more expensive, higher excesses and lower cover for both hospital and everyday expenses than other insurers. Have a claim for everyday expenses in with VHI at the mo but as soon as that is sorted I will be calling them and saying that they can either drop the price or I'm going to Aviva. Apparently it worked for another guy at work.