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bam bam Posts: 1756
Hey girls I have to decide where to go either Holles St or Rotunda. I was thinking Dr. Peter McParland in Holles St or Dr. Mary Holohan in the Rotunda. I just don't know which to go with and would appreciate if any of you have been with either what you thought of the Doctor or Hospital. I live on the Northside but work ten mins walk from Holles St. I think we're going to go Semi-Private Thanks!!!
love struck Posts: 1125
Bam Bam I think you will get different opinions on both hospitals. I can only give you my experience which is SP in Holles with Peter McParland. I have found both HS and Dr McParland terrific and I certainly cant compliment them highly enough (Havent had the baby yet but time will tell :o0 ) I have had lots of problems so far and also an operation and they were really quick to react to my problems. I am 30weeks and I think at this stage I have had 6 consultant visits (unusual but due to problems this is why) and everytime I have seen Dr McParland which is lovely as you get to trust them. Anytime I have a problemwith the pregnancy he takes it on board and doesnt ignore me. Generally I am in and out within 30-45mins. I usually get there at the start of clinic even if my appts later (as TBH there really isnt a point in Appt) and I am seen fairly straight away. On the labor part I cant comment as this is my first but for me so far so good. Good luck with your choice!! And Congratulations.
jarashow Posts: 3083
Bam Bam I am private with McParland. As you can see still early days, but I can tell you how nice he is. Very easy to talk to etc which is important to me. Hopefully some of the others can give you more advice.
roxychick Posts: 1802
If you're going semi private in the Rotunda you don't get a choice of who u see
bam bam Posts: 1756
Thanks girls, Roxychic, if thats right, I think thats made my mind up as I would want to pick who I was going to see. Thanks!! Think Dr. McParland it is. What do I do now, did you wait for your GP to send the letter in or did you ring and book in yourself?
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
bam, bam you can ring Holles St and ask to be transferred to make a booking. Depends if you want to go private or semi. If you want to go private, you will have to ring the doc's secretary directly. You can find his number on a list of the consultatns on the NMH website. I could not get McP private so I ended up booking semi with him. Just rang Holles St and asked to make a booking with semi private. I will see him at all my consultant appointments. met him last week for the 1st time, he was dead nice. Then you just tell your GP which doc you are going with and they will send a letter to the doc. I saw my letter from my GP in my file when I went into the hosp last week. HTH :wv
Blackbird Posts: 5135
Bam Bam, if you don't live too far away from either hospital I would go with HS if it's close to work. There is a lot to be said for not having to travel out of your way for appointments. However, if you're going SP you won't get to pick your consultant, you'll just be allocated one. If you want to go private then you can pick your consultant and you'd want to be ringing them now as they get very booked up. I can't comment on either hospital after that as I'm going to the Coombe. My GP gave me a letter but I just rang the hosp, asked to speak to the semi private clinic and booked my first appointment. Then I brought the GP letter with me to the first appointment but nobody asked for it. I'm not sure how it works in the other hospitals but I've seen the same consultant at every appointment. Good luck.
mrscat Posts: 1082
I am going SP in Holles St. and I really cannot praise them enough, they have been truly fantastic for us all the way through. I've been in a few times to get checked out aswell and they have all been my shining stars, outstanding, went way over what they needed to do to reassure us. I got to choose my consultant going SP and have seen him each time so far, bar one when he had to be called away for an emergency. He is great and very approachable. Every single person we have met in Holles St have been fantastic.