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hyperrational Posts: 697
Looking for some advice! As title suggests, which iPad is best? iPad 2, mini or the new retina display one? Usually I'd research it myself but am unwell at minute and hubby is treating me.....so any tech savy wollies (or tech savy wollie hubby!) that can offer advice on which one is best it would be much appreciated!!!
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
I have the new iPad with retina display and have to say I love it! I didn't want the mini as I have an iPhone so that's compact enough and I like the larger screen size for watching movies and reading magazines.
hyperrational Posts: 697
Thanks for that. Have the iPhone already, so that's a fair point. Must see what price difference is between mini and retina.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Agree with BiaBlasta. I love our iPad and if you're going to get one you might as well get the best. The mini does not appeal to me cos I have a fairly large phone. Watched RAW on RTEPlayer this evening and it was perfect.
MrsGilhooley Posts: 1235
Depend on where you will use it most. For daily commuters a mini might be handier size wise