Which is the best provider to get b/m dress from

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vienna Posts: 287
I really want to get my dessy b/m dresses off the net i just cant justify paying an extra 300euro here for them. Can ye give me as much feedback as possible both girls are around a 10/12 also how did you find the quality of the dresses was there much alterations to be done and how did you found the service and lenght of time to deliver. Thanks a million
Jenno Posts: 334
Hi Butterfly250, I got mine from shopofbrides.com, the girls name is Anne and she was an absolute dote to deal with. My BM's are both size 10's so was easy enough to pick a dress etc. I order last month and they arrived last week and I am delighted with them, very well finished off, material is top class & they are a perfect fit. I got 2 BM's & my flowergirl dress for €160 :o0 Hope this helps! :wv
mrsjun08 Posts: 2299
Hi Butterfly250, I ordered mine from on the 14th Jan 08, that was 10 wks ago. They left customs in Ireland last Thu so I should be getting them this wk. I found Gownsales very good because whenever I emailed with questions they always answered back within 24 hours & I got my bm dresses for €100 each and they were €300 each in the shop! :wv
lynr25 Posts: 99
Hi I just read a post about house of brides (I think) and it was defo negative, then again there have been many other positive ones. Do a search on WOL for each of the, that should give you a better idea. Good luck
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
I used Gownsales - I also got Dessy dresses and found them excellent!
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
double post!