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Miss Indecisive Posts: 996
I've just been out with the girls, H2B overseas, feeling v lazy, couldnt resist logging on... have to ask a question that bugs me too often.... hate having to go through the whole cleanse, tone, moisturise routine after a few drinks (not even sure of the spelling at this hour :o0 ). So is it better to use wipes or to just leave make-up on and wash off next morning, hearing so many bad stories about wipes, feel bad that i use them so regularly!! What do ye think?? To wipe, or not to wipe??
ozypozy Posts: 2950
at least wipe!! you can do the usual routine in the morning when you can see straight!!
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Removing a bit is better than not. I think the issue with wipes is that continous use can dry up the skin
Fifi Le Fume Posts: 1718
I use wipes, then cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning!!
princess buttercup Posts: 1457
Definitely use the wipes. Your make-up won't clog up your skin overnight then.
edit Posts: 982
Wipes are just too handy aren't they? I've been using them for years and have no problems with dry skin. I wipe and moisturise. Then in the mornings, shower and moisturise.
newkid30 Posts: 2233
Defo wipes and moisturise!