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Frankie Posts: 1571
Mrs Sandie Posts: 36
Frankie, you should do what you feel in your heart you want! If when looking in the magazines etc you love the idea of organising the big wedding, then go for it! But if you'd be more 'comfortable' with a smaller affair then do that. If it was only the money that was stopping you having the bg day before, then go for it..You'll only get married once, so make sure it's your perfect day. Sandie.x
snozberry Posts: 1212
Frankie when we decided to get married I thought it would just be a quick run off with close family and a couple of friends but once h2b said, no... we are only doing this once! it has turned into the irish wedding!! Actually a little bigger than I had originally planned but that is because we are fortunate to have so many wonderful friends! It is hard though not to get carried away so really sit down and decide what things are most important to you. I am sure you will have a fantastic time whatever you decide.
ed* Posts: 402
deb0705 Posts: 55
Can't you have inbetween the small intimate and the big irish? I've got quite a lot of cousins all of whom I get on really well with so they'll all be invited and then a few very good friends. The numbers can mount alright but there'll be no-one that isn't important to me there. I think it's just under 50 now. H2B's total will be more difficult to calculate since they'll all have to travel from France and they're mostly friends and older relations who he hasn't seen in a good while. Anyway, the size of the wedding should only be dictated by who you want there. When you've got your definites list you've got you minimum size and then you can decide if money will allow you more people or not. It's about who not how many. I could never leave out a close cousin for numbers sake but could also never had 200 people, half of whom I barely know, just so I could have a big bash. It would feel so fake. So, the question is, who do you want there to share this important day with you :?:
shellem Posts: 410
2007 seems such a long time away considering we are still in 2004! I think you should try and work within the means of what you can afford (like any of us do?? (if only I practise what I preach ha!)) but within reason- you'll be gone nutty by 2007 waiting for the big day to come around. And there will always be something needing money - bills etc. seem to be never ending - at least in our house. Good luck with your decision....
Autumn Posts: 56
Frankie, it is really up to the two of you. But factors that can influence your decision are, finances, your expectations, do you like all the excitement/attention of big wedding, family expectations, minimum number you can actuall get away with,................. I know how you feel, I said I would NEVER spend all that money on one day bla bla bla!!!! :D But when it actually came down to it I didn't want to get married with just a few people around me all the preparations etc might just seem like a bit of a waste. As much as I tried to convince myself that it was all a waste of money I am still going for a full wedding (120 -I have a small family) as I did not want any regrets. Some people prefer to spend it on an expensive honeymoon instead but personally I would prefer to have everyone around me on the day and have the build up and excitement and memories of the day than a more expensive honeymoon with just me and h2b there... Even now 10 months before the wedding I have great motivation to loose weight, look after my skin and generally feel good about myself. It really is MUCH MORE than "just one day"......... Good luck with your decision! :D
Frankie Posts: 1571