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first-timer Posts: 463
Hi so im just wondering about different hospitals. i had my last LO in holles st and it was ok but i'd like to see if the others are any better. can you please share your experience of coombe, rotunda, holles st etc? thanks!!!
*BabyMaker* Posts: 212
I had my dd in the Rotunda 2.5yrs ago almost. I was a public patient with midwife led care and from the moment of my 1st appointment till I was discharged at 6wks post birth I was treated with excellent care. I had a fairly straight forward pregnancy but no questions/queries/worries went unanswered/not investigated etc. During labour my midwife was fab; it was discovered that dd was OP late in labour & I required assistance with forceps & received a 3rd degree tear which required me to go to surgery to be stitched.then lots of physio & follow up care & again any questions i had were answered; the doc who attended came to see me 48hrs after labour to see if I was ok & to let me ask any questions & to make sure I understood why he did what he had to do. I then had physio 10days after I left hospital (after not been allowed home for 3 days & then only allowed home with strict instructions to rest - so much fo rumours they throw you out following birth!) & at physio she wasn't happy with healing of wound so marched me to A&E & got doc to come & see me to ensure I was healing ok etc. Great care, great staff, yes over run & understaffed but this didn't add up to lack of care & attention. I'm going back on baby no 2 & have no qualms.