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Buttons Posts: 157
Hi! My BM are in the States& UK, I'm in Ireland. They've been asking about shoes. I'm not going to have them wear the same style, but I'm wondering what you would recommend they wear with this dress in Dusk (a bluish purple) http://www.watters.com/product.php?coll ... howid=142# I wat thinking of telling them to wear black heels or sandals but is that too dark for a summer wedding? I'm helpless about these things.
MrsSan Posts: 475
My bridesmaids are wearing mauve dresses (almost purple) and I'm on the lookout for silver low heel sandals for them at the mo' - would you consider silver ?
Mrs.TNGMay05 Posts: 106
Hi Buttons, I have Watters and Watters for my BM's - it's burgandy in colour so I got the sandals to match (pure luck I spotted them walking past a shoe shop) so you could try the same and match them to the colour if possible (mine are a shade or 2 out but still look great and to be honest the dresses are so long that they will hardy be seen) Would you think of using Silver? - I think that would go lovely.. Good Luck! TNG
MrsC2B Posts: 500
Think black would be too dark. Would go with a silver sandal (not a very bright/pale silver). If you could get something with a little beading on the sandal in purple/blues then that would be perfect - you could always look at picking up some brooches/earrings in those colours in an accessory shop and sticking them onto the sandals. Fab dresses by the way.
September 2005 Posts: 377
My bridesmaids are wearing lilac and they are all getting silver sandals.
Platinum Bride Posts: 163
Ya I think silver too.... 8)
Mokey Posts: 576
Yes, definitely silver!
Miss X Posts: 1415
They've really really nice sandals in dunnes at the moment, they've them in green, pink, purple and a few other colours, very pretty, low heel a decorative claps/pin in antique silver, they were only €25 or so.
Gerbera Posts: 539
I agree, silver seems to be the in colour this summer soo they'd have no hassle picking up a pair, even if they are different styles. But you could also be lucky and see the dress colour in a sandal. Have a look and see. the black would be too dark alright! [url=http://www.snugglepie.com:2rmbwehq][img:2rmbwehq]http://www.snugglepie.com/ezb/119220.png[/img:2rmbwehq][/url:2rmbwehq]