Which vaccine to get???

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Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I now have an appointment with both the GP and the HSE for the swine flu vaccine tomorrow? There's pros and negatives for both but how am I meant to decide?
mtv Posts: 935
my gp recommended i go to the hse for the calvepan. it has no mercury. i was anxious when i got it. but now i am totally relieved after last weeks sad news of the regnant lady. most wollies posts that i have read have gotten the clavepan. it will require the booster.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
thanks MTV. After even more research, I've decided to go with the HSE one. I rang the HSE doctor who spent the call convincing me the panderix (the gp vac) was safe and nothing to worry about, that there was more mercury in my fillings! And then at the end of the conversation she told me for my own peace of mind I should get the HSE vac! We have to all hope we're making the right decision! I'm so indecisive about this.
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Here in the UK we didn't have a choice really, it was Pandemrix or nothing. Despite being initially against vaccination, I got Pandemrix a week ago. The major beneft of Pandemrix vs Celvapan is that you are immune faster, producing some antibodies immediately.. as I was due today, I thought that was a good idea. I have felt much more relaxed since in public as it was always at the back of my mind before.
skittles Posts: 1312
i went for the pandemrix, my gp said if i was worried that it was no problem having the celvapan instead but that the mercury shouldnt be a concern as there is so little in the vaccine.