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smurph2015 Posts: 162
Hello, I'm wondering you can help. I'm looking for some white woven baskets, lined. I've seen the exact ones I want for sale on this site in the buy and sell forum, but i need more than one. They have a satin type lining and a red ribbon around them. Can anyone tell me where I can find them because all the places I've looked have only a cotton lining and really don't look like what I envision. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
NiamhNiG Posts: 176
Were they these? It looks like this basket to me. Could you add the red ribbon to these yourself?
smurph2015 Posts: 162
Yep they are the exact ones I am looking for.. I'm actually not bothered about the ribbon because I'd be changing it anyway, it was more the lining. if I can't source them though the ones in dunnes are my next option.. Thanks