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whatsnext Posts: 199
Hi there, Am trying to sort out my shoes and nobody seems to do white? I am looking for white satin, 3.5 inch heel, peep toe with a nice bit of bling on the toe. Everywhere I look there are only ivory/cream - all the high street shops and even designers. I even went to London to look at Laboutins and they were ivory and way too high! I saw an amazing pair of Monolo Blahniks but they are only available in the states and I am still trying to deal with the price tag. [img:19ohm9tn]http://www.neimanmarcus.com/products/mt/NMX0BAY_mt.jpg[/img:19ohm9tn] anyone seen anything like these before I go on a mission to get them from America (and melt my credit card in the process) any other white shoe brides please let me know what you're wearing. Thanks
woggie Posts: 830
Hi, I feel your pain! I had terrible trouble finding white shoes, and as my dress has tull underneath I couldn't get anything with diamante incase it caught in the skirt! I ended up buying mine online from http://www.girlsofelegance.co.uk [img:342l7i8r]http://i709.photobucket.com/albums/ww92/woggingpook/Poppy.jpg[/img:342l7i8r] Also you might find something on http://www.perditasweddingshoes.co.uk/ HTH :wv
RedRosieReturns Posts: 93
i bought mine from this site www.bridalshoesuk.co.uk. [img:whz8vvhn]http://www.dancewearinuk.co.uk/acatalog/LR_Saskia763_thumb.jpg[/img:whz8vvhn] they're white satin, i got them dyed ivory but hey, they're satin, peep toe, blingy(ish), 3 1/2 inch heel (althought the website says 4) and WHITE..... your ideal shoe :o0 :o0
pet Posts: 157
How about these: [img:hd6kli1t]https://www.elegantsteps.co.uk/product_images/y/ba_mansfield__08853_thumb.jpg[/img:hd6kli1t] or these [img:hd6kli1t]https://www.elegantsteps.co.uk/product_images/p/cc_96230__85192_thumb.jpg[/img:hd6kli1t] or these [img:hd6kli1t]https://www.elegantsteps.co.uk/product_images/h/dy-duchesse-l_300x263__60592_thumb.jpg[/img:hd6kli1t] Actually just look on https://www.elegantsteps.co.uk/ - there's quite a few!! Good luck :wv
Excited 2008 Posts: 304
http://www.paradoxlondon.com/Pink/Shoes-Images/dawn.jpg Heres mine, ordered them from shop in Malahide.
whatsnext Posts: 199
thanks girls for the replies and all those shoes are gorgeous! I suppose I was secretly hoping someone would tell me to go for it and get the Monolos! :-8 red rosie - I have seen your shoes and loved them - they are Liz Rene aren't they - I saw 3 pairs I liked but my bridesmaids all picked a different favourite and so I continued my search to find a pair that everyone would all agree on. Are they comfortable? will check them all out and thanks for the help!
RedRosieReturns Posts: 93
yeah they're Liz Rene - Saskia and really comfy. they have a cushiony inside sole so its like walking on, well, cushions :o0 :o0 but you know what, if you love the monolos and you can afford them then you should go for them (provided you can wear them again, it'd be absurd to spend a fortune on shoes you'd never wear again) best of luck with your decision anyway :wv
zippybaby Posts: 32
Red Rosie, do those Liz Rene shoes fit as normal? I mean did you get your normal shoe size? I'm looking at a different pair. Thanks! :wv