White wedding umbrellas

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mrs bmw Posts: 6447
white wedding umbrellas; good idea or ghastly?
barley Posts: 858
I would feel silly using a white umbrella, a big golfing umbrella regardless of colour would be a much better idea. The aim to to stay dry, you'll be indoor for most of the day anyway.
chefmaid Posts: 2426
Wont be using the - loads of big golf ones at home so wont be spending money that i dont have too
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
I saw them on Lantz website and I thought it was a joke! Not sure now if I would use it.
MrsS-at-last Posts: 182
Dunno if id jinx it by having them in advance!!!
smittenb2b Posts: 675
I think there only about 20quid in lantz so I think Ill get one to be on the safe side, I'd be the opposite now and feel funny with an odd colour over my head
milis Posts: 7998
I won't be getting one. I'll be stealing a golf umbrella if it's raining!
August08bride Posts: 139
I think they are cute. Im not going to bother myself though - as it just adds ANOTHER thing to my huge list at the minute (have been so disorganised!!)
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
personally i wouldn't like them either.... the day my friend got married it p*ssed out of the heavens and everyone had different coloured umbrellas. We thought her wedding photos would be dull looking but the photographer changed some of them so that all the diffferent coloured umbrellas stood out in the pics and the people were in black and white. I just thought it was such a good idea and when ya looked back over the photos the rain didnt dampen them all *pardon the pun* :o0
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
My wedding is in March and weather so unpredictable so going to get an umbrella to match my dress. Just for using from car to church and vice versa.