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WeddingCreator Posts: 35
Hi all, We are bringing the wine to the hotel ourselves to try to keep costs down! Can anyone recommend a nice white wine, I've been taste testing a few but can't seem to find a nice one for a nice price and I'm not a wine expert!! Trying to get it for under €10 per bottle, and the closer to €7 or so the better!! But want it nice too and not like vinegar!! Any recommendations and also where did you get it from?? Did you ask for a bulk buying discount anywhere? Thanks
Bickie Posts: 37
Try Torres Vina Sol - it's a crowd pleaser and always on special. If you can get up north you could get it for around €6 a bottle, but I've seen it in ROI for €8 a bottle. Some of the supermarkets do discount for multiple cases so ask around in your locals
WeddingCreator Posts: 35
Thanks very much!! I will have a taste of it! Do you know what type it is? Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gricio?
whereland Posts: 472
If you're anywhere near cork or you are happy to travel, pegasus wines in Clonakilty have great prices- we're getting a lovely pinot grigio for 8 a bottle- had prices a few other palces in the city and they were all at least 10 for a pinot grigio. Having a lovely malbec for 7.30 a bottle.
lizmc101 Posts: 48
I am having one called We got it in O'Briens for €9.99. They deliver to the hotel for free which I totally didnt think about. The wine is smooth, easy to drink and overall fab. I used it at a birthday party last week to let my friends try both the red and white and it was loved. Just posted the link below. They were doing a deal on this a while back and we go in each month and buy some more for the same price. ... blanc.html
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We're getting all our wine from Tesco. We're getting two whites and a red, the whites are a Pinot Grigio and a Chardonnay We've started buying some already. The Pinot is one of my favourites, it's Linotti. It's usually £10.99, I got it on offer for £4.99, I bought 14 bottles, and because I had a 'spend £60 get £15 off', the wine worked out at £3.90 a bottle... can't go wrong with that!!
Bickie Posts: 37
Wedding Creator it's not a popular grape, it's a mix of parellada and garnacha blanca (I had to check the website for that!) You'd probably recognise the bottle if you saw it, it's a fairly popular wine.
Wannabmama Posts: 299
I think the Pinot Grigio in Aldi would be worth a try its a nice refreshing white & it's great value at €6.49.
WeddingCreator Posts: 35
Great, I'll have a try!! Thanks all!