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Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
[quote="misty21":1a9tib7g]Glenda Gilson for definite. I'm sure I'll think of others soon...[/quote:1a9tib7g] Cant stand her either >:o( >:o( Twink Amanda Brunker Amanda Byram Frank Lampard John Terry (not only cause of his latest antics) Kerry Katona and that "yoke" shes married to Enda Kenny those 2 off 98am breakfast show (dermot & dave) do my fcukin head in O:| O:| O:| O:| Glenda Gilson and also that one with the funny tight hair off expose, Where the f c u k did they get her from???? Right think I better shut up now as I could keep going all day :o0 :o0
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
The totally useless, wastes of space called The Beckhams, Have to agree about Jim Carey - he's so OTT, can't watch him at all, I know I have more on my hit/hate list, but it's Monday morning and my brain hasn't woken up fully yet! But in the words of The Terminator - I'LL BE BACK! (oh yeah, that's another one!! :o0 )
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
LOVE Jim Carrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :eek Hubbie loves him too!!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Jordan Kerry Katona Jo Brand Sharon Osborne [b:1xc71o5z]Irish 'Celebs that annoy me[/b:1xc71o5z] Ryan Tubridy Gerry Ryan Amanda Brunker O:| Lorraine Keane O:| So many people, so little time :innocent:
gillette Posts: 1803
Ryan Tubridy, Colm & JimJim, the 98fm morning crew - oh dear, this is turning into a bit of a rant about morning radio people, maybe i'm just not good in the mornings :o0 So, moving beyond morning show people, definitely Robin Williams. And Julian Clary
MinnietheMinx Posts: 2396
I can't watch watch anything with Nicolas Cage or John Travolta (except Grease), they both really annoy me and Angelina Jolie wrecks my head. Robin Williams makes my skin crawl. On the lesser celeb scale there's a list a mile long (I can't understand why alot of them are even famous) but I especially dislike Davina McCall Mylenne Klass Kerry Katona (at this stage I more pity her though) Michelle Heaton Any of the Osbournes And don't get me started on the crowd from The Hills Just realised I've started on quiet the rant...
JellySnakes Posts: 2201
Cheryl Cole Kerry Katona Ryan Tubridy Amanda Brunker Lisa Murphy Jordan And that one off Ireland AM that sometimes does the weather,blonde girl ,i can't think of her name,she is just so bad it's cringe worthy. :duh:
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
oh ive just remember another one Miley bl33din cyrus O:| O:| O:| O:|
jellywellies Posts: 2268
Jonathan Ross Russell Brand Chris Evans Angelina Jolie Daniella Lloyd Emma Bunton (recently because of dancing on ice!)
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
Robin Williams too. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE him!