Who attends the wedding rehearsal?

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Sally76 Posts: 525
Hi girls, Just wondering -- who normally comes to the wedding rehearsal and when is it usually held? Who is usually there from the wedding party, and does the organist and singer usually come (or whatever musician is playing)? We're having trouble getting the future in-laws to budge and it's looking like it'll be just me, Himself and the priest...
3for2013 Posts: 145
Hi Sally64 I was BM for my friend last year and herself, her hubbie, her mum and dad and the priest and the 2 bridesmaids went along. We are having ours the night before the wedding (but we are getting married away from home so staying in the hotel overnight the night before) and we are going for a meal afterwards - me h2b, my parents, priest, bridesmaids and Best man and groomsmen are all going to the church and we are meeting in laws and partners of the bridesmaids and groomsmen back in the hotel for dinner and drinks afterwards. Not having the musicians/singer though. But to be honest i dont think it really matters - all down to personal choice. I imagine the priest will maybe ask certain people to come???? Hope this helps
Jawl Posts: 8881
I will just have myself, Mr. Jawl, my parents, BM's, best man and GM. And the page boys. No need for readers though. Just having those people so they know what to do and where to stand etc.
smileyb2b Posts: 16
Hi, I think you should ask your priest as my priest told me to make sure readers are at it!! He wrote me a list of who should be there in order of importance and after Bride & Groom he has readers. Bridesmaids are last on the list... :eek I wouldn't have even brought readers unless he had said it. Smileyb2b
abeautifulceremony Posts: 263
Hi Wols, For my rehearsals, I normally suggest for the couple to bring along at least one person from each side (ie, bridesmaid for the bride & bestman for the groom). As, on the day, each of them will have their respective person with them to help & know whats going on. Also, I do think any person which is playing an "active" role in the ceremony - be that readers, people involved in a unity ritual, witnesses etc.. Just so [i:2duj1rla]they[/i:2duj1rla] know what's going on too. I always say to readers, if they would like to practice at the rehearsal then they're more than welcome to. Might help calm nerves for them - especially if it's their first time doing it. But - in saying all of that - some couples choose not to bring anyone, as they either don't want to co-ordinate everyone together (which can be a bit tricky!), or, they might be wanting to keep certain parts of the day a surprise for people. Either way, I always always think that a rehearsal is a definite must! I'd say to Wols having a church ceremony - speak with your own priest to discuss when & who. For civil ceremony couples - if you're in one of the HSE offices, you would need to talk with them about the possibility of having a rehearsal (I'm not sure that they do them) - if not, you could always arrange something privately yourselves. At the venue is preferable - but not always possible, or completely necessary.. hope maybe that helps! :wv
DipDab Posts: 1172
We didn't have the readers. I have been a reader at a few weddings and have never been to a rehearsal. For ours we had all immediate family & bridal party. So the two of us, bestman, GM, 2 BMs, brothers, sisters and parents. That was because we decided to make a night of it and have a dinner for both families afterwards. They only people you really need are the bridal party and the father of the bride as we rehearsed walking down the aisle and what side evveryone went on etc.
scullly Posts: 240
Some priests dont even bother having one so I wouldn't worry about it. I was BM for my friend before and the priest said there was no need for a rehearsal, that he'd just direct us when we had to do something. And I have to say, nobody would have known any different. Most people have a fair idea when they have to do their part, so he just gave them the nod at the right time. Just before the ceremony started he came down and met the bride at the door and just reminded us to walk nice and slow going up the aisle. There was no problem with any part.
Sally76 Posts: 525
Thanks for the replies, everybody. I think we should be able to get my parents too, and my bridesmaids, but I don't think we'll be able to get anyone from Himself's side -- parents, best man, groomsman. Oh well. I suppose we'll just have to take our chances!