Who else is around 6 weeks pg?

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babybonkers Posts: 438
Just wondering how you are all feeling. I'm about 6 weeks (date tbc) but due around 8th March. I've no nausea and not too tired but my back is aching a bit and I get a stitch like feeling in my side / tummy every so often. Nothing major just tingling - is this normal? Maybe I should find a more comfortable chair in work, this chair is probably not helping!
Roxanne Posts: 3201
Congratulations babybonkers - I've just seven weeks! Still can't quite believe it. :o)ll We are having an eight week scan next week as we conceived with IVF so I guess we'll be given a due date then, but I'm reckoning around the beginning of March. :lvs :lvs I have been feeling a little nausea, mostly in the evenings, but nothing too bad. Also a lot of saliva (gross) in my mouth. Other than that, just a lot of tiredness, but I'm working for myself at the moment so I can nap whenever I want which is great! And very restless legs. Are you having difficulty keeping it to yourself? I just can't wait to tell people, I feel like I don't want to see anyone until twelve weeks are safely passed as it's just too difficult... thank God for this site! I'll be looking out for you to see how you're getting on... :wv
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Hi Babybonkers, I am 6w + 3 days. EDD 6th March. I am not sure if my symptoms are anything to go by as I had a fairly scary start to my pg with spotting. Anyway, this is what I am feeling:- AF type cramps every few hours. If I go to the loo they ease or if I eat something they ease off. Had sore boobs last week, this week nothing really. They are not sore. My boobs have got much bigger and the outer part of my nipple is darker. Other than those symptoms above I feel normal.
micksmrs Posts: 931
Hi Babybonkers and Roxanne, I am in my sixth week. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll So far I have had very little symptoms, I had lots of bloating and gas and a gurgly tummy but that has all subsided now. I am drinking lots of water which is unlike me and have been going to the bathroom twice my normal amount of times. Sometimes when I lie down I get a bit nauseous and this can also happen when I come in from walking which I do most evenings. Apart from that everything is going great. Both my best friend and my Mum and DH of course know I am PG. I hadn't intended on telling them it just slipped out at different times.
strangeangel Posts: 1269
Congratulations babybonkers! You should come and join us on the March 2010 thread :) I'm around 6 weeks too and have been really tired. I haven't had any sickness, though I do tend to feel a bot nauseous when I get hungry. I've also had the on and off stitch-like feelings. I've my first scan booked for when I'm almost 8 weeks and I can't wait.
babybonkers Posts: 438
Great to hear from you all. Ye forgot to mention my boobs are more tender and getting bigger as well! I can't wait to tell people esp those really close to me. DH is the only one that knows, we only got BFP yesterday! Made apt with Dr for tomorrow so what happens at this apt? Will I need to bring anything with me apart from date of last AF? I was really restless last night, didn't sleep well at all, had like butterflies in my tummy but think that was excitement. Are you girls sleeping on back or side? Sorry for all the questions! One final one! When does the 1st scan usually take place if going public?
babymaybe Posts: 20
Hi Babybonkers I'm 6w+5 and I've got pretty much no symptoms - certainly not suffering like some other poor March mammies. Just mind yourself and make yourself as comfortable as possible - I've taken to putting my feet up every evening for a while - any excuse!
aurora Posts: 1629
hiya! I'm almost 6 weeks too - doc said EDD is 11th of March. Its my first time pregnant so its really reassuring to come on here and see lots of other women with the same symptoms. especially when its too early to tell all your family and friends. I've had lots of dull cramps and a stitch in my right side anytime I walk anywhere. Haven't felt particularly sick but I had stomach problems previously and broke out in a cold sweat and almost fainted during the night friday night after a Thai meal out. Think my tummy is a bit inflamed. Hopefully if I just eat plain non acidic food I won't get that anymore. am going to buy some Gaviscon to see does that help. have the 12 week scan on the 28th of august, can't wait to be able to tell people all going well. am going to tell my mam and dad at the weekend but won't tell anyone else till after the scan. feeling a weird mix of excitement and worry - wish I could fast forward and hear the consultant say that everythings fine.
pixiechick Posts: 647
Hiya Babybonkers, Just over six weeks gone now. I have that stitch as well and cramps. I feel unbelievebly tired at times and I keep nodding off :zzzz: The MS is in full swing at the moment,I work nights so I'd usually be sick during the night even when I am off,which is a bit of a pain but hopefully it will be all worth it for us. The sickness is giving me away cos a friend at work copped that I am pregnant last night,apparently the greenish/pale sick looking face is giving me away! Anyway hope you have a nice symptom free and healthy pregnancy :stork:
MMAB Posts: 589
Hey girls, ye are all just a week or so ahead of me, Im just 5 weeks, we got our BFP last week and had all confirmed by the doc last Friday. Ive actually been worried that I dont have enough symptoms, the reason that I tested last week is because I had really bad nausea but since last week I have bearly had any, a little bit woozy at times but not anything like I did feel, I have had lower back pain for the last week and lots of cramps and twinges in my belly, I woke up last night with a really bad pain but it eased after I went to the bathroom, I got a fright. Im not well endowed on the boob front but they are tender to touch and sore when I get up in the morning after lying on my side, maybe if I was bigger on top they would be worse. Ive been very bloated this week, at some stages of the day I look like Im 3 months gone already. Everyone says that you are exhausted during the first 12 weeks but I feel no more tired than I did before I got pregnant Even with all of these little symptoms Im still worried, and nervous, I think I will be until we hear the heartbeat or have a scan. Our hospital scan wont be till 18 - 20 weeks but our doc has requested a private early scan for us but I dont know when it will be. I would love to be able to relax more and stop worrying, I suppose its the fear of losing something that you want so much thats scary, we were TTC for 10 months so we are over the moon now that we are finally pregnant. I really do need to take a chill pill, tell myself Im pregnant and will have a little baby in 8 months and start to look forward to it all rather than waiting for something to go wrong We are due on 18 March all going well - lots of prayers to be said over the next 8 months