Who else is getting married August 2010?

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drum2010 Posts: 5
HI im new to this, just wondering who else is getting married august 2010 and what else do ye girls have left to do?
dexavia Posts: 242
Hey drum, they're a few of us - come join the madness [url:2tkfjqdl]http://www.weddingsonline.ie/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=165643[/url:2tkfjqdl]
valb Posts: 34
Hey drum im the 20 august whats your date ?? well heres what i have done Reception My dress ( cant wait now ) :eek cars Cake invites photographer make up hair stylist mens suits( well nearly ) going 2 look at bridesmaids dresses on sat cant wait for a good girly day out , no what dj we having so jst need 2 book him we have irish dancers booked for the dj break hubbie 2 b from liverpool so wanted somethin trad for his family , god i taught id lots done but lookin here im paniking now :duh: