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Woodstock Posts: 1565
..Mamas & Papas? :-) We've seen a lovely nursery range from M&P called Ocean and we are hoping to head out tomorrow to get the cot bed, dresser and tallboy (in light oak). There is a big price difference between M&P in Blanchardstown and M&P in the North so we were planning on taking a trip up North. Is there anywhere else that stocks M&P furniture that we should look at before heading up? Tried Argos but they don't stock the ocean range. Heard of Bumps and Babies but they don't have it on the website and they're closed today so might give them a ring tomorrow. Any other shops out there stocking M&P nursery furniture? Thanks!!
montblanc Posts: 385
I think there are a few. A place in Rathcoole dublin (?murphys) but as far as I know the prices are all the same unless you venture up north. The prices they are charging here are ridiculous, so it will be worth your while going up alright.
BikerBride Posts: 208
Hi Woodstock, We ordered the Ocean range from M&P in Belfast last Monday, we drove up all the way from Cork. We bought 5 items of furniture in the sale and saved over €2300 if we had waited a few more months. But we decided that it was worth the risk. It was a massive saving and well worth the trip up North. On the way back we went to Smyths in Newry and picked up a few more things there too. The wardrobe from M&P is over €1350 down here and we bought for about £425 in Belfast. They will allow you to use your lazer card in store as well so there's no need to exchange your money. Good luck with the spending spree :wv :wv
05bride Posts: 314
biker bride, were you able to order online before heading up? We are thinking of going too but I'm afraid when we get up there that stuff won't be available. We are also going from Cork so it's a long trek if stuff isn't available. We are hoping to get a buggy and maybe cotbed and moses basket. Don't know if it will all fit though. Thanks!
BikerBride Posts: 208
Don't order online - if you do they will charge you in euros even though you're buying in sterling on the website. M&P have a euro catalogue available in Barbers shop in Togher and these will be the prices you will be charged online. Despite them not having a euro price website. I did some research on it when I found out about the sale online and I rang M&P and asked them would I be charged in sterling or euro's and they said euros. They can't reflect the exchange rate at the moment because they need to go by the catalogue prices. They advised me to go to M&P in Belfast in person and order the furniture in store. Even my lazer card worked, it was such an unstressful experience. We drove up last Sunday, stayed overnight and went to the store on Monday morning. They were very helpful. I was told that the sale was finishing on the 29th Dec, so you better check to see if its still on or not. I got the cot, wardrobe, shelf, changer and storage box plus delivery and assembly and they will remove the packaging as well for €1475. Not bad when you think that the wardrobe in Euro's almost costs that alone. I got the dark wood which was 50% off when you buy 3 or more items from the Ocean range.
05bride Posts: 314
thanks so much for all the info. Will def do a trip I think. We are being ripped off so much down here!
BikerBride Posts: 208
Mothercare in Belfast was a complete waste of time but definately go to Smyths in Newry by the roundabout where McDonalds is on the way back. We bought the Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper for £14.99 in the sale in Smyths - it costs €44.99 in Argos down here. I should have bought 2 really - one for downstairs and one for upstairs at that price. I'm hoping the exchange rate gets better for us and goes over the euro. I'll be up the North every weekend :o0 Enjoy the shopping - its well worth the trip :wv
Woodstock Posts: 1565
Girls thank you for your replies. BikerBride, wow that was a brilliant deal you got! I guess we must have missed the sale as the dark oak is now 30% off and the light oak is 20% off, and didn't see any offers on 50% Hubby likes the light oak so I'd say we're gonna go with that. We compared the prices between M&P in Blanch and Belfast and for the cotbed, dresser and tallboy Blanch charges €2150 whilst Belfast charges £1396 We found this other place in Newry called Bumps and Babies, they also stock M&P Ocean range but charge exactly the same price for them, £1396 plus £35 delivery to Dublin or £100 delivery+assembly The exchange rate has started going the other way, it was .98 and now it's at .96 so I'd say we'll be heading over to Newry tomorrow!
newbie24 Posts: 530
Hi Bikerbride When you ordered in store in Belfast, are they delivering to the Republic for you, or do you have to go up and collect it? Just wondering because I'm planning on doing the same as you! Was in the store in Blanchardstown today and there is a massive difference in the prices!!!!!
firefly78 Posts: 312
hiya, We went up north the other day and spent 1200 on everything between M&P and mothercare. M&P deliver to Dublin for 10 stg so we are getting the cot and mattress delivered in about 10 days. Big savings to be had, we saved 600 when I worked out the price of everything when we came back. Also if you look at the M&P catalog it says who stocks their range of stuff so you could ring around and see if anywhere has it. Good luck!