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MrsKP Posts: 372
Silly question but im trying to work out who goes in what car (to the church, then to the reception) Is is Bride & Dad in one car Bridesmaids in the other I am thinkking of hiring 2 vintage cars. Me & Dad in one, the 3 bridesmaids in the other. My Mum can drive herself in her car with the 2 flowergirls and my H2B can go in his own car. Does this sound alright??
candlequeen Posts: 991
That sounds perfect to me! Sadly my Dad is no longer with us, but I'm planning to have my H2B and the Best Men go in whatever they want to go in and then my Bridesmaid's husband is driving her and my other bridesmaid in his car. My H2B is arranging a friend's vintage car to pick Mum and I up, so I think what you've suggested sounds perfect x
MrsKP Posts: 372
Thanks candlequeen, sorry to hear your Dad isnt with you anymore :action32 Mum said she is happy to drive herself & the 2 flowergirls there. I hope MIL will be happy to have to go in their own car! X
candlequeen Posts: 991
Awh thank you xx :xox She'll have to be happy with it! The more planning I do the more I realise that I'm never, ever going to please everyone, so if you and your H2B have come up with an arrangement that suit you both, go with it xxx
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
If h2b is taking his own car to church how is it gettin to the reception? Can h2b go with best man and groomsmen? Also think about how ye will get back from reception? We are dropping A car down d day before!
Ohnoshedidnt Posts: 273
My sisters boyfriend is taking the pageboys and flowergirls to church, bridesmaids in another car and me and mum in another! H2b is driving himself then mum is going to drive his car to reception with flowergirls and pageboys so we will have a car the next day and she will go home with my sister! Phew!! That sounds more complicated than it is!! I think what your doing sounds perfect!!