who has kissed some one else??

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sassybride Posts: 78
ok i'm just wondering is it just my friends or is it happening everywhere that people are kissing and having affairs with other people but yet still getting married or being happily married. basically one of my best friends has being having an affair on her boyfriend (of 4 years) for a year with this work collegue (who is married). she hopes that her boyfriend with propose soon and will definetly say yes, she says she loves both men and but wants to marry her boyfriend. i dont get it. i know a few other people in similar situations, so i was just wondering if you know people or if you have been with some one else? i'm just nosey and want to find out if i just have unfaithful friends or is it happening everywhere?
sassybride Posts: 78
sorry did it wrong, posted a new one above.
SummerDays Posts: 665
Id try editing your original post and see if you can change the second yes to a no.. not sure if you do though!