who has kissed some one else??

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sassybride Posts: 78
ok i'm just wondering is it just my friends or is it happening everywhere that people are kissing and having affairs with other people but yet still getting married or being happily married. basically one of my best friends has being having an affair on her boyfriend (of 4 years) for a year with this work collegue (who is married). she hopes that her boyfriend with propose soon and will definetly say yes, she says she loves both men and but wants to marry her boyfriend. i dont get it. i know a few other people in similar situations, so i was just wondering if you know people or if you have been with some one else? i'm just nosey and want to find out if i just have unfaithful friends or is it happening everywhere?
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
I think the whole thing is weird. I'm not even the slightest bit interested in anyone else. I just love h2b and that's it. He's just so wonderful and great and I'm totally infatuated with him and I hope we live together for ever and ever and ever. Sigh!!!!! :D I do know of one other couple who have a boyfriend and a girlfriend, and they even meet up for drinks together. Can't understand that really, but they're not doing me any harm, so let them off.......as they say. :roll:
hooja Posts: 75
hi sassybride i didnt answer the poll as there are two vvvv different questions being asked!!, i know loads of people who have been with other people while married/ engaged/ going out and it makes me so mad. However I have never kissed somebody else. I just couldnt do it to my h2b. A friend of mine is [email protected] her boss who is married with children, she is single, and it just makes me so mad urrrggg
deb0705 Posts: 55
I think nearly everyone will know somebody who's been unfaithful whether they're close friends or passing acquaintances so the poll won't really tell us much.
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
Maybe change the poll a bit? I'm dying to click on some Poll buttons today. 8) :D
sassybride Posts: 78
i just figured no one would admit if they themselves were unfaithful so i thought friends would be easier, any suggestions of a new clearer one?
Leasainm Posts: 149
[quote="makus":1iylud9c]hi sassybride i didnt answer the poll as there are two vvvv different questions being asked!! [/quote:1iylud9c] Have to agree, I haven't ever been unfaithful but do know people who have been...
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
Just ask it straight out: Have you been unfaithful? Options: A) No, that's disgusting B) Yes, it's great C) Not with this h2b, but I was with the last one. Muah ha ha!! D) Never, not with anyone E) Ah, I've snogged a few. You can't call that unfaithful Jeepers, I get a bit carried away with these poll thingys. :D
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
I actually know someone who is shagging two men one is also married while at the same time has a wonderful husband and beautiful children a beautiful home a good car totally a great life doesnt have to work or anything. And the reason she gives for this (not to me i am not supposed to know + if I did I could let on I know I would probably kill her) She is bored with her hubby !! I mean there are times I would love to smother my H2b but I could never ever imagine having another man touch me and then go home to him I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in anyone else I love him too much but that carry on honestly just sickens me so mu :twisted: :twisted: ch Grrrrrrr :evil:
sassybride Posts: 78
decourverte god your good at these polls, yeah thats much better but theres no way i can figure out how to do that on computer. will you post it please as id make a mess of it. thanks