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hagfromhell Posts: 2146
To take the plunge? I am next Saturday, is there anyone before me??
rocj Posts: 799
you must be so excited designerwine, all the best. hope you have a fab day.
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
Not excited yet for some reason. I think it is ages away, but I think fear has a lot to do with it!! IS THERE NO ONE ELSE????? PLEASE DON'T SEND ME ON MY OWN :weep
apm Posts: 40
Best wishes to you both, hope you have an amazing day :wv
CavanB2B Posts: 232
Hey designerwine. Enjoy the next few days lead up and hope the day goes well for ye both. :o)ll :o)ll O-O O-O
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
There is someone next Friday, can't remember who though. :)
ms organised Posts: 1069
Oh best of luck! Have a fab day! :o)ll
moobear Posts: 1126
Best of luck designerwine. Enjoy your last couple of days as a single person :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll La Dolce Vita is next Friday so your not alone!!!
kookiegal Posts: 1150
Oh lucky you designerwine.Wish I was joining you but I still have over a year :o( ENJOYENJOYENJOY!!!!!!!!
MrsOC09 Posts: 1175
im next saturday too :wv and its my bday tomorrow!! still hasnt hit me that im actually getting married next week!! :eek