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Shin Posts: 8515
remember how you were little, you and your friends would change your names to ones you love, its only as you get older you develop an appreciation of your name. Its the only thing im happy to say i dont mind being pretentious about.....i absoloutly love my name now. when i worked in America so many people told me what a lovely name Sinéad was. Didnt believe till i came home. Its nice that i was given a good ol irish name.
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Yeah i could say i grew into mine,seemed like an older person's name when i was younger.
curliwurli Posts: 3369
i go thru phases with mine - it could have been worse tho, apparently my dad wanted to name me juliet !?!
clucky Posts: 26471
i hate it - its only one syllable so fkn boring
Shin Posts: 8515
Sure my dad had to talk my mam out of calling me Avril :eek :eek thank god he did. no offense to any avrils of the world
Shin Posts: 8515
[quote="Lucky!":246lvv8c]i hate it - its only one syllable so fkn boring[/quote:246lvv8c] no its not, its a nice soft name. i have a friend called that and you can change the spelling to make it french
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Dont dislike mine
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I like mine. Called after my Mammy only hers had an "A" on the end which I would love! When we were kids my friend and I went swimming with my big sis and we met 2 boys and told them our names were Zoe and Kim! My sis told me that, I dont remember! but I do remember always loving the name Zoe.
*gone* Posts: 4785
Hate mine. Called after some dead relative that was dead before was even born! I'm hoping it sounds more normal whenever I get himself up the aisle cos he has a nice Irish surname.
Bubski Posts: 1785
I like mine and I always have - Its sort of a unusal name in that not many irish ppl are called it - Its more english. Mam did want to call me Molly though..