Who's Singing what on X-Factor? Did Daniel walk??

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2BMrs Posts: 376
Anyone know what the song choices are this week???? Is Daniel still in the show or did he walk out???
aylala Posts: 3673
I heard yesterday he had a row with Simon over song choiceand stormed out havent heard if he is back
2BMrs Posts: 376
got this yesterday X Factor's Danyl 'threatens to quit' Danyl Johnson has reportedly threatened to quit the 'X Factor' unless Simon Cowell changes his song choice. According to The Mirror, Johnson stormed out of a rehearsal with vocal coach Yvie Burnett because he does not want to sing George Michael's 'Praying for Time'. An insider said: "He literally burst out the door and ran off...A few production staff chased after him to try to calm him down and make him come back but he was having none of it. "They even sent a car to follow him and try to make him see sense and return but he refused. He seems very angry and upset and is demanding a different song. It'll be interesting to see if Simon backs down or makes him stick with it." Another added: "He's not doing himself any favours with stunts like this which just make him look like a spoilt brat. Even if the song choice is wrong there's no need to storm out, he should talk about it first." Johnson reportedly went missing for nearly five hours before turning up at the Sony BMG offices to talk to Cowell. According to a show source, Cowell may be prepared to change the song if Johnson makes an apology to the production crew because "Simon will never tolerate rudeness".
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
wats jedward singing?? :o)ll :o)ll
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Jedward are supposed to be singing Wham Rap! Unfortunately Simon is said to have caved into Danyl's inner diva and he's now singing Careless Whisper!
2BMrs Posts: 376
How about little Joe and Stacey - any know what they are singing???
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
yeah its wham week, Daniel meant to be singing careless whisper or at least thats what colm and jim jim said.
Mrs Unichick Posts: 1004
Why can't the bloody contestants choose their own songs? They would know best what suits their voices. In reality what does Simon, Louis, Cheryl and Dannii know about music?
aston Posts: 4100
[quote="Mrs Unichick":n31lobz1]In reality what does Simon, Louis, Cheryl and Dannii know about music?[/quote:n31lobz1] Is that a joke :o0 ? Simon for one has been in the business long enough to know what is what re music etc. Louis manages a couple of bands and has had the odd number one single with his bands :eek Cheryl I suppose is there cause she came from the same kinda show that the contestants are in now and can give her point of view and has done well with Girls Aloud etc and has her own number one single as for Danni well I dont know much about her but she looks good :o0 :o0
Mrs Unichick Posts: 1004
But none of them are singers as such - Cheryl is a pop puppet who gets songs written for her and Dannii well the less said the better. Should singers not be allowed choose their own songs?