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wedding09 Posts: 63
hi wollies, hope all going well with everyone's pregnancies, due end of sept so getting exciting now & getting time to start thinking of getting a few bits organised...........but i'm new to all this so not sure where to start and all the names of baby brands mean nothing to me.....can anyone enlighten me as to what brands are good, bad, expensive etc thanks
tilsun Posts: 4506
I wouldn't worry too much about brands, we have a bit of everything. Head out to some of the bigger shops like Eurobabies, Murphys or Toni Kealys (sorry I'm in Dublin so they're my ones) and of course Mothercare to see what's on offer. So exciting starting to look
randomusername Posts: 2134
I agree with tilsun, branding doesn't really matter we have bits of everything. Don't buy too many bottles because baby may not like the ones you choose so you could end up chopping and changing them, we got tommy tippee ones on special in boots. Also got a microwave steriliser in Aldi, sign up for their newsletter via email along with Lidl cos they have great baby stuff on offer and a lot of it is branded stuff too. Nappies, I've been keeping an eye every week when getting my groceries and if I see some on special I'll pick up a pack so I have a whole range of them now. Boots were doing specials on their own brand baby stuff a while back it was buy 5 items for €6 or something like that so I got talc, babybath stuff and lots of cotton wool. I have to say I found mothercare ridiculously expensive for almost everything!! Michael guineys are brilliant for cot sheets, pram sheets, blankets, changing mats, the list is endless. They're so cheap and the quality is the same as anywhere else imo. Tesco are brilliant for babygros and vests, they have packs of them for a few euro. Dunnes had great prices on cellular blankets Penneys are good for little teddies, hats, mittens, fleece blankets HTH
seans missus Posts: 1381
Hi and congratulations! I agree with the other ladies. Ive not bought anything for the baby because of brands. Its just if they are good value. Join Tesco Baby club. I got a sheet full of vouchers with money off on nappies, baby aisle items, and extra points. You get a magazine with loads of helpful information and then when the baby is born,you get a magazine every 3 months or so. Baby gros: Tesco, Dunnes, Next and Penneys. They are great value because the baby grows so fast so there is no point in spending big money on them. I got the baby sleeping bag in Penneys and hooded towels too. Boots: Have a good selection of baby care items. They are the same as Johnson and Johnson but you are not paying for the name. If youre close to the north, sign up to Sainsburys and Asda emails. I get an Asda email every so often with baby offers. My friend went up about 2 months ago and got 5 AVENT bottles for £15. I went to Michael Guineys because it was recommended by the girls on here. It was like an Aladdin's cave! They had cot sheets/moses basket sheets for €7. Great wee bits and pieces-changing mats for €9, baby gros for a few euro etc. Definitely worth a trip. Mothercare are quite dear. I bought cellular blankets in it and when I went to Dunnes, the blankets were half the price. Heatons have some lovely baby items too. If you're partner of yourself are a MAN UTD fan, they have blankets, baby gros and other bits and pieces. Hope this helps a bit! Good luck!
wedding09 Posts: 63
hey girls, thanks for that, bit overwhelming to start, i googled a few things yesteday and was thrown by all the brand names of travel systems, bottles etc did not know where to start, thanks