Whose due in December?

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summer days Posts: 112
Leading on from Nantes post 'due in May' I was wondering how the girls out there due in December are getting on? Would be delighted to hear your experiences to date.. I am feeling like a baby elephant at the moment.. have gained 4 kgs in the last 4 weeks (have a savage appetite!).. Had to take my wedding ring off today, fingers (like every other part of me!) are huge :D Hubby has to roll me out of bed every night about 4 times to go to the loo and then give me an extra hard push in the mornings to get up for work. Also, is everyone doing those pelvic floor exercise things? I really should get started!! :lol:
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Hey summer days....(or should we call you baby elephant ;) ) Great to hear how you are getting on. When I was at your stage on my first we were sleeping on a futon, so my poor husband couldn't do the "roll and push" manoeuvre. He had to physically get out of the bed everytime I needed to go to the toilet and hoist me up..... :D I was wondering about wedding rings alright. I have sausage fingers anyway, so no doubt I will be in the same boat as you. Hope some others due in December join in with you.... :D
summer days Posts: 112
Nantes.. no doubt a baby elephant would be insulted if he knew he was being compared to me!!! :D
hellsangel Posts: 22
Hi all, Yes i'm due on the 13th of Dec, and now it's feeling real to me, scared and all that about the labour, feeling ok just getting pelvic pains!! more so in the morning after lying all night didn't start doing the exercise yet!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Hello fellow December mammies to be!! Due 1st December and it can't come soon enough :shock:. summer days, your post made me laugh - I have to get hubby to roll me out of bed too - just too painful to turn over right now. Have put on 2 stone in total so far :oops:, so god knows what I'll be like in 10 weeks! Have also developed horribly painful backache over the past two weeks, so that's my excuse for doing nothing round the house anymore :lol:. My wedding ring came off two months ago, and I was too afraid to put it back on in case it got stuck. Getting so big now that I can feel myself actually waddling! Anyone else the same?
nettie07 Posts: 293
hi everyone , im due the 23rd dec, everything is going well, im not even going near the scales, i know im putting on weight, but im finding it very hard to finish dinners and that two peices of toast and im full up for hours. im trying to get organised and finish the baby shopping before i start christmas shopping. I cant believe how quick time is passing tho. Good luck to all the december mammies :D
summer days Posts: 112
okay.. let's get a little bit of a list going on here: summer days baby no.1 due 25th Dec 06 nettie07 due 23rd Dec 06 (you could be my closest twin!!) Jellybaby due 01st Dec 06 (lucky you!) Hellsangel due 13th Dec 06 Anyone else?
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
summer days baby no.1 due 25th Dec 06 nettie07 due 23rd Dec 06 (you could be my closest twin!!) Jellybaby due 01st Dec 06 (lucky you!) Hellsangel due 13th Dec 06 Sparklymum due 28th Dec 06
summer days Posts: 112
Hi girls... Just wondering how the December mammies-to-be are coming along? Anyone have awful heartburn? O:|
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
Oh yeah I hear you, never far from the Gaviscon! I stopped eating my dinner in the evening and that has eased it a bit but its not gone by any means!