why are doctors concerned that it is a big baby???

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BlueP Posts: 238
Hi Girls Had a scan today at 28 weeks, wasn’t expecting it as I thought 32 weeks was the norm anyway I was told that I was 30 weeks but as the baby was planned I am 100% sure off my dates (used ovulation prediction kit) They said it appears to be very big but my GTT was normal from two weeks ago. They checked my file and said I have been continuously two weeks ahead and that they will now repeat the GTT and see me in two weeks time. It doesn’t seem to just be a case of the baby could be big, they seem to think there has to be a reason?? I am sure there is nothing to worry about but has anyone else come across this? I have gained a lot myself during pregnancy as in I used to be a 10 now I am 14-16 and my husband is 6ft plus, could it be just a big baby? They don’t seem to factor this in
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I'm not quite sure but I do know that a baby that's measuring "big" is a sign of Gestational Diabetes. Also, they get concerned coming closer to your due date that baby is too big for you to deliver (which is a load of rubbish, in my opinion) Just remember that a lot of this is guesstimating too, don't get too hung up on it yourself. My baby measured "big" at our 22 week scan (which was our last scan, ages ago now) so they changed my dates by 6 days. I didn't see the point of it myself but I just went with it. Sometimes if coming near your due date they will say that baby is measuring big and they might want to induce you early or give you an elective section so make sure to read up on the pros and cons of this. It's not something I would be happy with but I know others who've been in the position and they've been happy to go with what their midwife/consultant says. Maybe the next time you go in see if you can find a nice midwife and ask a few questions! Good luck!
nelswife Posts: 3869
On my last pregnancy i kept being told that my baby was measuring "big", he was 6 pound 5oz born!, this time around when i visited the consutlant (different one to the last pregnancy) he asked what my last baby weighted, when i told him, he told me he would have to keep an eye on this baby because my first was very small ! Please try not to worry! I know some whose baby weight 14 pound when born, now thats a big baby!!!
BlueP Posts: 238
Thanks girls, feel a bit better now though it is still at the back of my head wondering if all is ok or if it is diabetes or if I have been a little piglet and now I to push a bigger baby out and put both of us in danger, God I thought I was ok but sorry for the rant!!
theoracle Posts: 7664
The thing is that they like to err on the side of caution and dot all their 'i's and cross all their 't's, in a sort of 'to be sure to be sure' fashion. It doesn't mean that anything is wrong as such. They need to exclude possibility of GD as that is a condition that needs to be managed is all. I had a big baby, my ds was 10lbs6oz but it had no consequence for him or myself really, though at birth I had a full room of people in case assistance was needed (they were worried about the shoulders getting stuck). As it happens I had him w/out assistance, there was no issue and I didnt even have any tears or grazes. It is just one of those things they like to be cautious about. BTW I had no GD.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I was measuring ahead by a good two weeks right throughout the pregnancy - had the OGTT at 28 weeks and spent the next 12 weeks explaining that no I didn't have GD. Was told 4 days before DD was born to expect high 8lb baby - she was 10lbs on arrival. I had her myself with no pain relief - labour had to be induced because of meconium but she was out within 3 hours! Now I did sustain a tear because she was my first and obviously big but I was up and about once the spinal I had to get after she was born wore off! Oh the other thing is that DD had to have her blood sugars checked before every feed when we were in the hospital - again to make sure there was no GD!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I think some women are just prone to have big babies, its doubtful you have GD if you were clear at 28 weeks, it usually manifests around 25/26 but I suppose it's good that they are rechecking we would be giving out if they were laxidaisy about things!!!! I was diagnosed with GD last time (and this time :duh: ) at 25 weeks and dd was only 6lbs 6oz at birth!
noc Posts: 1802
My baby's now measuring 2 weeks ahead of dates (which I am also 100% sure are correct). I did GTT test at around 29 weeks I think, because my dad is type 2 and when I said I was a little concerned about the size of the baby and the size of my bump (mainly because it's really uncomfortable now at 37 weeks :o( ) my OB said not to worry. He said that there is quite a lot of fluid too though it's not excessive and, while that can be a sign of GD he's not going to send me for another GTT because I didn't even seem to have a [i:ttf1e7n1]tendency[/i:ttf1e7n1] towards it going by my results of the one I had at 29 weeks. He said some babies are just large and that he'd be more concerned if the baby wasn't growing but that they'd keep an eye on things. I've another appointment today (I'm on weekly ones now) so we'll see. I've put on quite a bit of weight and I have eaten a lot (healthy food though) throughout pregnancy because it was the only thing that helped my nausea but weirdly I haven't gone up a clothes size. My bump sticks out a lot and is like a beach ball and my calves have got really thick and muscular looking >:o( (from carrying round all the weight I think). I have cankles now! Anyway, try not to worry too much. They are watching you and your baby's progress and hopefully you will both be fine. My friend who is really petite, slim, sporty just had a baby who was 10lb (had to have caesarian as she's such a small build). She was all bump and her husband is also 6ft but baby is fine and no problems. Just long and big. Sometimes there is no obvious reason for babies being bigger than average other than the fact that not everyone can be 'average'! *)