Why are the dresses from US sites so cheap?

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irishgirly Posts: 117
I've only had one dress shopping experience and think I have already found the one :-8 . I live in Australia and the dress is by Essense of Australia so I assumed would be cheapest here, but just googled it and it is about half the price from the Bridal Shop. I know I'd have to add shipping and import duty (anything else?) on but what makes them so cheap?!? :eek
wishicouldelope Posts: 181
That is really odd. Makes no sense. Maybe they buy in bulk and get a really good deal that way??
may08_bride Posts: 200
that's mad. my dress is essense too - which one did you go for? Just thinking I ended up getting mine's from the local store - to buy online they were adding a fortune to get a special length - mine's needed to be 4 inches shorter - they wanted $70 per inch. That added to the customs made it not such good value! Shop here charged £40 for length adjustment and have offered free alterations when it arrives.
mtv Posts: 935
the us dress shops actually order the dresses direct from the manufacturer getting a us retail discount, they post them onto us so add shipping costs on top of the cost of the dress as extra. the dresses still work out cheaper than buying them off the irish wedding shops. i suppose the irish wedding shops include the cost of shipping, customs plus their profit and admin costs onto the dresses (that you have ordered) making them more expensive.
Mrs080808 Posts: 1569
i saved €1000 buying mine from an american website. Even if i have to pay customs i still got a bargain O-O O-O