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clucky Posts: 26471
why do peoplehide the fact that they are online come on out and join the partay
Dcd Posts: 1471
Ohh Lucky.. that was probably me! My PC is on all the time, (it's actually the tv in the kitchen too) and is generally online! After receiving some odd comments about Always being online.. I just hit the hidden option on the profile, I do the same on MM too.
MissieGold Posts: 1124
uh, is there a hidden option? I've been trying to figure out for ages why my name never shows up on the "who is online" section. Must have a good look at my profile :roll:
MissieGold Posts: 1124
Yay, i've fixed it.....that only took 3 years to figure out :oops: :eek
MrsVegas Posts: 414
Where can you see who's on line?
Fio Posts: 812
when you click on Weddings online Forum Index, at the very bottom is the list of who is around
Dcd Posts: 1471
Yeah that's it.. and if you wanna be a pro stalker you can click on 'Who is Online' and see what area of the site they are in! :shock: :lol: :lol:
terribride Posts: 627
GOOD LORD :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: you learn something new everyday!!!!
Dcd Posts: 1471
Yup.. ya gotta love hidden mode! 8)
terribride Posts: 627
:o0 I gotta say that's kind of creepy :shock: :lol: :lol: but hey I got nothing to hide..... er I think... :wv