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AuntieD Posts: 760
deleted....afraid someone might know me
bridee2b Posts: 2534
:action32 Some people, eh??!! Take no notice of her Hope2baMammy, they really aren't worth the wasted energy :duh:
AuntieD Posts: 760
Thanks so much for the reply it made me feel better even writing it down cos I was so frustrated. I mean we're both going into a meeting soon and it's a difficult one but you'd swear the president was coming to give us all a kiss and a hug the way people are standing on ceremony....the clients are human beings not god like creatures!!!
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
Dont let the aul witch put you off being a nice person. God knows we need as many nice people as we can in this life to counteract the grumpy old farts we come across. :action32 **HUGS!!'** XX
Boomerang Gal Posts: 714
the sh!te we have to listen to at work huh ? dont mind her - here is a hug :xox
happilymarried2010 Posts: 493
Give her a good smack into her gob :innocent: Wudnt you just LOVE to :yelrotflmaosmilie:
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Oh haaate that attitude - and you just KNOW that if you hadn't made the photocopy, you'd have been asked for it in the meeting and gotten a b*llocking for that - you can't win O:| O:| O:|
AuntieD Posts: 760
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
[quote="Hope2baMammy":2mppcr4p]Just out of the meeting and guess what...they needed the extra copies....[/quote:2mppcr4p] Oh I just KNEW it O:| O:| O:| and of course no "thank you" or "sorry for snapping earlier, you were right to take the initiative". What an utter COW. Hope you got home OK and have your sore leg up while your H2B looks after you!! :xxx
Genegirl Posts: 2110
[quote="HappilyMarried2010":1dndkjjw]Give her a good smack into her gob :innocent: Wudnt you just LOVE to :yelrotflmaosmilie:[/quote:1dndkjjw] :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: - I hear ya!! You really would love too!