Why do people treat u like cr*p!!!!

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MJR Posts: 387
I lost my job and have been on job seekers benefit which finished last week, Applied for job seekers allowance about 5 weeks ago, the woman was so nasty to me treated me like dirt on the phone Rang today to see what stage it was at, they were so nasty to me, Told me it could take three months I just have to wait. I feel so degraded, they were treating me like a criminal like someone working the system, I was a teenage mother and was on one parent family while I was in school for maybe a year which was means tested coz I was living at home, As soon as I finished school I came off the one parent family straight away and started working I could have gone down a very different path and milked the system for everything.. I really dont think its fair treating people like this there are so many people out of work from all different walks of life, are they all treated like this. Im not out of work from laziness or because I want to Im out of work because I cant get a job!!! I applied for 10 jobs today ranging from childcare, cleaning to sales and marketing, my background is in finance and there are no jobs!!! I'm so worried about money at the moment, I honestly dont know what Im going to do. Even though the Dole was only €200 it paid my half of the mortgage and bills and that was it, we are surviving with that stopping I dont know whats going to happen...
MrsAH Posts: 3715
The staff at the welfare offices are told to keep an emotional distance. I can understand why to be fair, however I had to deal with them last year and I just found the majority of them so unhelpful, rude, didn't want to be there etc. I know that doesn't really help you, but try not to worry and try to hang in there as your claim will be backdated and then it will seem like a windfall.