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Italy07 Posts: 5409
Why was the thread on show us your wedding rings deleted???
mollyeile Posts: 2486
I thought that was weird too. Maybe it got trolled
milis Posts: 7998
:eek It was there a few minutes ago. Could it be a copyright issue? Lots of people showed their rings from the websites, I can't even imagine what's wrong with it. And all that crap in relationships is still there O:|
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
I hadnt noticed TBH. Weird. Was it Ailens do you think?
milis Posts: 7998
Wouldn't have noticed myself either, but it had been added to fairly recently, so it was up at the top. My money is on the gremlins!
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
Just noticed im a royal wolly. So Milis only 26 posts left for you to post and you'll be a royal wolly!
Italy07 Posts: 5409
Just thought it was a weird one to get deleted!!! Can't imagine a problem with it, sure don't we all post pics of BM and Wedding dress from different websites and they all seem fine!
LMR Posts: 1925
Was it a supplier issue??? Seems a weird one to pull.
catskitten Posts: 575
Why would a supplier ask for it to be removed? If any thing it would be good for business.
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
Ya its strange. Was there any squabbling goin on ? I cant remember.